"50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation"

Topical v. Ingested Fluoride

City Hall Rally Against Fluoridation

Voters Against Fluoride


Bellingham Residents Rally to Defend Clean Drinking Water
Bellingham residents take the day off work to support clean water

Nice to see the advocates for clean water outnumber the fluoridationists by 3 to 1. 

Apparently the paid signature gatherers from California and Pennsylvania had left.

Seriously now, the proponents seeking to place Fluoride in the city water supply and force the rest of us to ingest it may be well meaning.  However, the negative health effect to Bellingham residents experienced by residents of other cities, such as a 25 percent Fluorosis rate, will be the same.

Further, the right to decide what medication each person ingests in their diet is their own choice.  Why can't they understand this? Many other dentists, scientists, professors and the 1500 EPA scientists, engineers and attorneys who submitted testimony against water fluoridation to the U.S. Senate do.



Advocates for Clean Water by City Hall

This picture shows how overwhelmingly the crowd was for clean water and against the effort to forceably Fluoridate it.  There were a few fluoridationists who did show up (at the back of the picture.)

A total of 14 Nobel Prize winners now warn against the Fluoridation of the water supply system for health and civil liberty issues.  Dr Arvid Carlsson won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2000 and strongly advocates against Fluoridating the water supply.

The Fluoride proponents fail completely to indicate how the Nobel Prize winners and EPA scientists are in error in their analysis and their criticism of the proposed Fluoridation scheme. 

I think most people will stand with Nobel Prize winners' recommendations and retain the right to choose their own medication.

Had $50,000 not been spent from sources outside the city for paid signature gatherers for Fluoride, this issue would not even be around.  Yet, don't be suprised in the proponents of the Fluoride scheme launch a large media campaign for Fluoride with another $50,000 check from Seattle. (Update $150,000 is now being spent by Seattle fluoridationists)

Given how residents are rejecting Fluoride once again in droves as they did in 1992 and 1997, perhaps the paid signature gatherers will be brought back to be paid to travel door to door and attempt to convince people that that the Fluoride campaign has "grass roots." 

No doubt another $100,000 or more will be spent on a slick media campaign designed from the Seattle and California offices of the Fluoride proponents.

The Fluoride proponents have proven only one thing with their out of state paid signature gathering : that $50,000 will purchase a place on the ballot. 

The Fluoride proposal is little different than last year's state initiative I-892 to expand gambling which purchased a place on the state ballot by paid signature gatherers and was subsequently defeated at the polls 2 to 1.


Citizens Against Bellingham Fluoride Initiative