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Bellingham Fluoride Forum : Dentists against Fluoridation

Bellingham Fluoride Forum with Dr. Paul Connett and Dentists Debra Hopkins and Paul Rubin held August 15, 2005
Professor Paul Connett starts the fluoride forum with a full house at the YWCA

On the day of the forum, Dr. Connett presented a detailed Power Point presentation detailing the health risks of fluoridation including the recent study from Harvard University showing a connection between bone cancer and fluoridation.  (8/15/2005)

Dr. Connett discussed literally dozens of scientific peer reviewed articles on the matter that demonstrate the health risks of fluoridation, most notably dental fluorosis which runs about 25 percent in fluoridated cities.

A comprehesive statement concerning the health risks of fluoridation is available in his article "50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation."

(Dr. Connett is a chemistry professor at St. Lawrence University and a expert on water fluoridation.  He volunteered to come to Bellingham.)

Chemistry professor Paul Connett and Dentist Debra Hopkins lead the fluoride forum.

Could there have been a more highly credentialed panel on fluoride that was brought together for the Fluoride Forum in Bellingham, all documenting the negative health and dental consequences of mass water fluoridation?

1) Dr. Paul Connett, professor of chemistry at St. Lawrence University,Canton, NY 13617. 

2) Dentist Debra Hopkins, a long time practicing dentist in Tacoma who regularly treats dental fluorosis, caused exclusively from excessive fluoride.

Debra Hopkins, a Tacoma dentist, is a member of the Pierce County Dental Society, the Washington State Dental Society, the American Dental Association and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

3) Dentist Paul Rubin (shown below).  Dr. Rubin has a very active dental practice in Bellingham and Seattle.

Question : Is there a single person who, after hearing this panel speak about the health risks of fluoridation, would still consider forcing every resident of Bellingham to ingest fluoride regardless of their age or health condition?  Should not each individual in Bellingham be entitled to weigh the risks and benefits themselves of any medication or supplement and then be permitted to act accordingly?

Dentist Paul Rubin makes his presentation at the forum against fluoridation
In his presentation at the forum, Dr. Rubin methodically describes the mechanisms of fluorosis and the damage excessive fluoride causes to patients teeth, resulting in dental fluorosis, and the rest of the patient's body.
Dentist Debra Hopkins presents a Power Point presentation concerning the health risks of fluoridation.

Dr. Hopkins spoke at length at the reality of having dental fluorosis caused by excessive fluoride.  She showed many photographs of patients with this condition and the expensive and difficult procedures required to rememdy the matter.

Please see Dr. Hopkins full discussion of the fluoridation issue in her published editorial: "Pierce County Dentist Speaks Out Against Fluoridation."

Dr. Hopkins also focused her discussion of the health risk that elderly face from an increased rate of bone fractures and other problems.

The venerable Broadway Hall hosts the Bellingham Fluoride Forum
A great many local events have been held at the Broadway Hall in Bellingham, one of the oldest buildings in the city.
Bellingham Volunteers for Clean Water

If you attended the fluoride forum, you likely met one of the many volunteers actively working to preserve the health of Bellingham's drinking water supply. 

Over a hundred people have now volunteered in one manner or another to help protect Bellingham's drinking water. 

The local volunteers have nothing to gain in their efforts except to continue to enjoy and be able to use clean drinking water. 

The fluoridation proponents, on the other hand, have paid consultants running the campaign from California.  Their fluoridation campaign is based in Seattle.  The fluoridation campaign has retained the consulting firm PCI Consultants from El Sagundo, California.  The paid signature gatherers were flown in from out of state.  Only one of the four positions identified in the fluoridationists PDC disclosure  has a Bellingham address, the rest are addresses in Seattle.  Over 95 percent of the money to fund the fluoridation effort came from out of the city.  See more about the money and interests behind the fluoridation effort in "Follow the $$.

Question: Will the paid out of state consultants and signature gatherers and the out of city PAC money overwhelm Bellingham residents' natural inclination for clean water?


Broadway Hall was filled with Bellingham residents interested in the fluoridation proposal.
Concerned Bellingham residents gather to hear the panel give their presentation and then answer individual questions.
Bellingham residents gather for Fluoride Forum and ask questions to Professor Connett.

Attendees at the YWCA attending the keynote speech of Dr. Connett.


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