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BELLINGHAM FLUORIDE UPDATE 4/24/2023: 18 years later, an effort to force Bellingham residents to ingest Fluoride into their drinking water has arisen again.

Email mayor Fleetwood and Bellingham City Council and tell them to keep Bellingham's water supply clean without added chemicals:

Keep Bellingham's water supply clean and safe:
Reject the proposal to add Fluorosilicic acid
"Fluoride" to the water supply.

(Fluorosilicic Acid contains heavy metal contaminants such as lead, arsenic and mercury)

Bellingham Fluoride voting map
Bellingham votes to Reject Fluoride

On November 8, 2005, Bellingham residents voted 53 - 47 percent to keep their water clean and rejected fluoridation.

Election Analysis of Fluoride Ballot issue in Bellingham, Washington November 2005 (fluoride rejected 53 - 47 percent)


Clean water groups (against fluoridation)

Group promoting fluoride


All located in Bellingham (3 different citizen groups formed)

Seattle (3 of 4 positions)

Political Consultants Used

None. All volunteers

PCI Consultants (paid signature gatherers) from California)
Paul Kinney Production (California)


Approximately $17,000
(Almost all in Bellingham)

$258,493.03 +
(Almost all from outside Bellingham)

Campaign methods

Local media, small ads, word of mouth, flyers, door to door, email, personal phone calling, and community groups.

TV ads, bulk mailing, automated phone calling, large media purchases

Leadership :

Dr. Mark Steinburg, Dr. Terry Poth, Danelle Weaver, Rainy Fackler-Adams, Jerry Swann all located in Bellingham, Washington.

Campaign manager, treasurer, and committee officer: David Hemion located at 1001 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98154. Curtis Smith co-chair.

Insurance Company : Washington Dental Service member of national Delta Dental (Herald 11/9/2005)

Mike Gallagher Show
Dr. Paul Connett (con)
Dr. Marvin Schissel (pro)

Fluoride Debate Pro v. Con
Listen to BOTH sides (mp3 format) of the fluoride debate and make your own decision.
On November 8, 2005, the fluoride proposal was defeated in Bellingham by a broad bi-partison group of volunteers, community leaders, elected officials, local media, a water district commissioner and city water worker including:

Endorsements Against Fluoridation : (see partial list of Bellingham citizen signatories against fluoridation and local statements against fluoridation.)

Whatcom County Democrats
Whatcom County Republicans (Opposed in 1997)
Whatcom County Libertarians
Bellingham Weekly (10/28/2005)
NW (10/19/2005)

Bruce Ayers Louise Bjornson
Robin Williams Frank Ward
Bruce Guthrie Tip Johnson
Bob Ryan Gene Knutson
Sharon Crozier Marian Beddill
Anna Williams Dr. Paul Rubin (Dentist)
Deanna Kent Karin Maya, (Dental hygienist)
Dr. Terry Poth Dr. Mark Steinburg
Todd Citron, Commissioner, Lake Whatcom Water
District Position #2 and Board President.

"Join me in voting for clean and safe water
on November 8th and No on
Fluoride Proposition #1"

Louise Bjornson, member, Bellingham City Council

Dr. Tim Bradbury Arne Hanna
Pat Rowe Dave Ewoldt
Jerry Swann Keith Fredrick, Bellingham
Marti Leziel
Water Treatment Plant Operator
Foster Rose Dr. Bill Osmunson, Dentist

Maggie Hanson Lois Clement
Melba Sunel Dr. David Kennedy, Dentist
Michael Kominsky Steve Hood (WA Dept. Ecology)
Greg Wilson Shawn Goenen
George Yewell Rainey Fackler-Adams
Dan Cambell Madeleine Baines
Barbara Baker Evan Cassagne
Jennifer Lamp Mary Lou Anderson
Shirley Jacobson Samuel Odell Campbell
Breck Anderson Gretchen Anderson
Vera Young Marti Leziel
(See partial list of signatories)

Plus over 500 individuals who have signed a
statement against fluoridation and many many more.
See also Local Citizen's Statements Against Fluoridation.

Don't make me fluoridate!

"I work for the City of Bellingham as a water treatment operator . . ."

"I would be one of the people putting fluoride in your drinking water. Fluorosilicic acid is particularly toxic and highly reactive acid. I am not trained or licensed as doctor or a pharmacist."

"I should not be preparing and distributing doses of drugs that would require a prescription if you were to give them to your children in the form of a tablet. I am not convinced that water fluoridation is as safe and effective as it is advertised to be."

Keith Fredrikson, Bellingham Water Treatment Plant Operator

Bellingham Weekly 10/28/2005

"My Jaw has been slack over the amount of money pouring into town to promote our use of fluoride. It may exceed $300,000 from Seattle and out-of-state sources - which is nearly $10 per voting citizen in Bellingham, and is perhaps $20 to buy every "Yes" vote."
Whatcom Independent 11/4/2005.

In voting against the proposal to fluoridate the Bellingham's water supply:

Councilmember (Arne) Hanna expressed his lack of support for fluoridation, particularly, because it was an "issue of taking away individual rights."
Bellingham City Council official minutes May 18, 1992. (Arne Hanna served on the Bellingham City Council from 1984 to 1998)

Get the latest news on the Belling Fluoride issue by sending a blank email to:


"Increasing the fluoride intake of the population without regard to established risk factors such as age, weight, kidney function, total water consumption and fluoride intake from other sources is hardly a health benefit. It is medical negligence."

Dr. Debra Hopkins (dentist)


Lake Whatcom Water District Commissioner and Board President Opposes Bellingham Fluoridation Proposition #1:

"As a commissioner at Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District, I consider it my paramount job to ensure we deliver the most pure water we possibly can. This goal drives all other considerations. Putting fluoride in the water we distribute would contradict that goal."

"Using the public water supply as a conduit of public health policy is government over-reaching, and too clearly contradicts the overriding goal of distributing clean, pure water."

Todd Citron is a Whatcom Water District Commissioner Position #2 (previously Water District 10) Geneva, and is serving currently serving as the Board President.


Dr. Charles Gordon Heyd, Past President of the American Medical  Association opposes Fluoridating water supplies:

"I am appalled at the prospect of using water as a vehicle for drugs. Fluoride is a corrosive poison that will produce serious effects on a long range basis.  Any attempt to use water this way is deplorable."

We agree with Dr. Heyd and other prominent scientists, university professors and health care professionals and oppose any effort to attempt to medicate Bellingham residents with Fluoride through the cities' water supply. 

We also agree with Lakewood, Washington Dentist Dr. Hopkins who opposes fluoridating the water supply because of health risks of hip fractures in the elderly , higher incidence of bone cancer in young males, and high fluorosis rates in fluoridated cities with speculative benefits.

Many prominent scientists who have studied the matter also oppose fluoridating the water supply such as Nobel Prize for Medicine (2000) winner Dr. Arvid Carlsson due to  health risks and ethical concerns.  In fact, 14 Nobel prize winners oppose Fluoridating water supplies.   The statement of 1500 EPA scientists, engineers, lawyers make a compelling and thorough case against the fluoridation of public drinking water supplies based on the risk to public health.  See also St. Lawrence University Professor Paul Connett's comprehensive article "50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation."

Few could support forcibly fluoridating the water supply after reading Senior EPA Scientist Dr.  J. William Hirzy's statement before the United State Congress (Senate) on June 29, 2000 against fluoridation on behalf of 1500 EPA scientists, engineers and other professionals.

As more research is conducted on the fluoridation and the health risks studied and published in peer reviewed scientific literature, hundreds of dentists, EPA scientists, toxicologists, and health care professionals increasing have spoken out and advocated against fluoridation of water supplies. Environmental groups, such as the Sierra Club, who have studied the litertaure have been increasing coming out against fluoride as well.

Given the growing healths concerns from leading scientists around the world, is it any wonder that nearly all European countries have now removed fluoride from their drinking water supplies? 

Is it surprising that over a hundred of cities around the United States have either rejected or removed fluoride from the drinking water?

Fortunately, as the risks of fluoridation become better known, numerous groups that once supported fluoridation have now withdrawn their support such as the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation, American Diebetes Association, American Chiropractic Association, American Civil Liberty Association, and many more. (see page 3).

Protect Bellingham's drinking water : Reject the attempt to force every Bellingham resident to ingest fluoride:

1) The health risks of fluoride are significant.  The most common ailment is dental and skeletal fluorosis.  

"well-nourished children drinking fluoridated water experienced a dental fluorosis rate of 25%, poorly nourished children experienced a fluorosis rate of 60%" (Journal of the American Dental Association 44:156165 (1952))."  Is this what we want for the Bellingham resident's teeth?

There is also the acute danger should the fluoride delivery system malfunction.  When this has occurred in other cities such as Hoper Bay, Alaska serious debilitating injury has occurred as well as death. ("Deaths or poisonings linked to fluoridation or fluoride products").  Fluoride equipment malfunctions and other problems have resulted in poisonings in Poplarville, Miss (8/1991); Middletown Maryland (1994); Galesburg, Illinois (1994); Kodiak, Alaska (1993) and many others.

2) Bellingham residents should reject paying for the $750,000 initial cost (approx) and $140,000 cost (approx) per year "Fluoride tax." 

These fees will certainly be required to be paid by a tax and increase of the Bellingham water rates for residents.  Water rates are already high enough in Bellingham.  (These figures are derived from the city of Lakewood, Washington (population 60,000), a city slightly smaller than Bellingham, who recently rejected fluoridating their water supply).  Even this cost, however, pales in comparison to the expense of buying hundreds (thousands?) of water purifiers and/or the expense of hiring a water service.  If even 10 percent of the population (7,000) is forced to switch to a water service, the cummulative cost could easily be well over $2,520,000 per year asssuming water service costs a conservative $30 per month    

Should Bellingham now become like many major cities in the United State where the tap water is avoided and ridiculed and bottled water use becomes the norm? 

3) Choice of Medication : The right to decide the medication one ingests is fundamental.

Bellingham city residents have already spoken clearly on the inappropriateness of using the city water supply to mass medicate the populace via the Bellingham City Council on September 15, 1997.   On this date, the bi-partison city council overwhelmingly (6-1) to protect clean water and reject fluoridation enacting:


As of today, this resolution remains valid.

Undeterred, the fluoridations, operating a campaign based in Seattle and El Segundo, California, now seek to spend over $100,000 with paid signature gatherers to try to impose their will on what has been a settled issue in Bellingham for the last 8 years.

Forcing medication on an entire populace is morally and medically unethical. Who should decide what medications and supplements you and your family take?

4) Bellingham residents have already extensively considered and rejected the proposal to fluoridate the water supply in 1992 and 1997 after numerous public hearings.  

Addressing the issue of forced Fluoridation of the water supply every 5 to 7 years is divisive to the community and unnecessary.  If anything, Bellingham residents have made it clear that having a clean drinking water supply is more of a priority now than ever.  Millions of dollars have already been spent in purchasing land in the Lake Whatcom watershed to preserve the quality of the drinking water.  What sense does it make to now add a chemical with documented health risks to the water supply at the city utility?

5) Any benefits of Fluoride occur when Fluoride is applied topically, not ingested:

When water fluoridation began 50 years ago, it was believed that fluoride needed to be ingested in order to be effective. This, however, is no longer the view of the dental establishment, which now generally concedes that fluoride's benefits are derived primarily from topical application. (2) According to the US Centers for Disease Control, "[L]aboratory and epidemiologic research suggests that fluoride prevents dental caries predominately after eruption of the tooth into the mouth, and its actions primarily are topical for both adults and children."

6) The cost of providing free dental care to children who are underserved would be less expensive than Flouridating the water supply forcing everyone in Bellingham to ingest Fluoride.

The initial cost of implementing a Fluoridation system would pay for the dental care of 1875 children assuming the average cost was $400.  Also, the maintenance cost of the Fluoride system of $140,000 per year would pay for another 350 children each year.

If the initial cost of the Fluoride system were placed in a fund and interest of 6 percent was received yearly, 462 children could be given free dental care forever.

In addition, Bellingham residents would save the additional costs of spending tens of thousands of dollars yearly on bottled water and filtration systems in order to avoid drinking Fluoridated water.

Finally, Bellingham residents will save the extensive costs of having to undergo costly dental procedures to correct dental Fluorosis which is exclusively caused by excessive Fluoride.  Flourosis damage often requires porcelain veneers to correct.

See the statement from Dentist Debra Hopkins a practicing dentists from Tacoma, Washington discussing the health risks of Fluoridating the water supply.  As mengtioned above, Dr. Hopkins also discusses the fact that Fluoride is only effective when applied topically to teeth, not ingested and the health risks of hip fractures in the elderly and bone cancer in young males increase substantially in Fluoridated cities.

Debra Hopkins, a Tacoma dentist, is a member of the Pierce County Dental Society, the Washington State Dental Society, the American Dental Association and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.

To help protect Bellingham's Drinking Water

1) Keep up to date on the fluoride issue in Bellingham.  Join the email list by sending an blank email to

2) Contact your Washington State Representatives and members of Congress.  Tell them that you do not want the state or federal government to mandate fluoridation in cities such as Bellingham which was attempted (and failed) last year in Oregon.

3) Make an reasonable donation today to get the word out.  The fluoridationists operating out of Seattle have raised more than $100,000 to date in order to pay for paid signature gatherers to come to Bellingham and High Paid California Consultants.  Considering that the cost of water service, or bottled water, would be hundreds of dollars per year alone, many are making donations of $35 - $100 to keep Bellingham's water supply clean and safe. Isn't it worth $35 to avoid drinking Fluorosilic Acid

4) Print out and distribute the Flier "5 Reasons to Reject Fluoridation." (Extremely popular flier which covers the main 5 reasons to oppose fluoridation include health, cost/tax issue and choice issues).  Deliver a copy to everyone you know who is concerned about the safety of their water supply.

Make a difference to get the word out for campaign material.  Please send your donation today to:

Danelle Weaver, Tresurer
Healthy Goals for Bellingham
2716 St. Claire St.
Bellingham, WA 98226-4004

To volunteer to protect clean drinking water in Bellingham, obtain more information, send us an email 

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